Why is Sleep Important for Children - Part 6 (Sleep Problem Carry into Adulthood)

When it comes to children, it seems like they can sleep all day. You just have to look at babies to know that sleep is essential to their development. Babies can sleep for 16-18 hours a day when they’re first born. As they get older, they sleep less, but they will need rest more frequently. They’ll have naps during the day to be able to handle the rest of whatever life throws at them.

But why is this sleep so important? Just what is it about growing children that requires extra sleep throughout the day? Here’s a look at everything you need to know about sleep and child development.

poor sleep


If the body doesn’t get enough sleep in the earlier years, the problems gained will persist through life. People are more likely to get less sleep in their adult years, believing that it is just a normal part of their lives. There is this common saying of “you can sleep when you’re dead” because sleep isn’t viewed as an essential part of living.

Growing children need to get plenty of sleep. They learn so much, even when they are just two weeks old. Their brains need to recover after the day and process all the information they’ve gained. This isn’t going to happen while they’re awake.

Studies show just how dangerous lack of sleep is for everyone. For children and teenagers, it could mean the difference between strong and illness-riddled bodies. The immune system doesn’t get the support it needs to fight off illnesses, and the body doesn’t get the hormones to support growth and development.

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