Upon completion of the online App-Nea Certification course, dentists will have the confidence to provide oral appliance therapy and build relationships with patients and physicians. You will be equipped to take your patients through the process from screening to treatment including the home sleep study and the fitting of an oral appliance that works best for your patient. Take the course at your own pace then when you are ready take the exam.

Proper training of your dental team is crucial to growing your dental sleep practice. We provide training on protocols for team members based on their roles on effective screening and communication with patients to greatly enhance case acceptance of OAT.

DSM Certification

APP-NEA offers two levels of optional certification in dental sleep medicine.

Level 1

Certification, earning you 10 CE, and Level 2 Certification earning you 16 CE.

Level 2

Certification presents a deeper level of scientific training, and is ideal for those wishing to obtain board certification. Both Level 1 and Level 2 include unlimited team training for your team.

Speaking Engagements

Our team is consistently working to produce educational events for the sleep community. We welcome opportunities to partner with you, provide speakers or content for your events and expand global access to trusted sleep studies, research and resources.

Dr. Pankaj Singh

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