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Study of Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with a Mandibular Advancement Oral Appliance (MAD).


“Follow-up Clinical Study Testing Application and Effectiveness of the MAD-FIT Algorithm“, Working paper, to be submitted to Sleep.


Please be advised that APP-NEA(TM), LLC is a for-profit company. Dentists who use our website pay us a modest fee for the convenience (patients and sleep physicians do not pay us). However, we value scientific information and finding solutions that work for each individual with compromised sleep. We strive to provide you with unbiased and scientifically astute resources and we will not sell you anything that is not right for you. Specifically, if you are diagnosed with "Severe" Obstructive Sleep Apnea, you should try to use a CPAP machine (which we don't sell, but others do), not MAD-FIT. But if you are simply being treated for snoring or have "mild" or "moderate" apnea, an oral appliance like MAD-FIT, along with possible life style changes like losing weight, not smoking, and not drinking excessively, is the recommended treatment.

On this website, we'll give you up-to-date information about snoring and sleep apnea and the different treatment options. Our citations come from reliable, scientifically sound sources. We provide you with links to scientific and clinical research on these issues and the treatment recommendations of responsible professional organizations like the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. If you would like to get in touch with a board-certified sleep physician for a sleep test & diagnosis, we’ll help you find one.